2017 Updated Team Roster Coming Soon!


Mary Brandes

Age: 54 until March

Profession: Physician

City State:  Falmouth, ME

Years in Triathlon:  3 years  (Ran 12 Marathons from 1997 until 2005 then got tired of it)

Goal races for 2013:  National Senior Games Cleveland, Either the Rev3 and/or Lobsterman Olympic Tri

Race/fitness goals 2013: Improve in all disciplines, always place in age group, and get some fun new equipment.

Most memorable athletic event:  Induction into the University of Michigan Hall of Honor (field hockey)

Other Hobbies:  Golf, Windsurfing, Painting, Coaching field hockey U19 club team


Michael J. Cowell

Nickname: Mike

Age: 75

Profession: Retired (Actuary)

City/State: Yarmouth, ME

Years in the sport: Ran first competitive road race 1979; first marathon 1981; first triathlon 1983

Goal races in 2013: Mid Winter Classic 10 miler, 2/3/13, Gate River 15k, Jacksonville, 3/9/13, Timberman Triathlon Gilford, NH  8/18/13

2013 race/fitness goals: Maintain swim and run pace; improve bike speed

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Twin Cities Marathon 10/11/1987  2:58:36

Other hobbies and interests: Travel and photography


Christina Cracolici

Nickname:   … crack …

Age:  35 … or 36 according to USAT

Profession:  Assistant Director for Athletic Media Relations

City/State:  Biddeford, Maine

Years in the sport:  Five

Goal races in 2013:  Rev3 OOB (70.3), Quassy Olympic and Polar Bear

2013 race/fitness goals:

1.  Do not get a flat tire at the 70.3

2.  Improve my time at Rev3 OOB

3.  1:20 or better at Polar Bear

4.  Pee on my bike

5.  Drive my coach (Denise) nuts with stupid questions

6.  Go 112 & 2.4 at LP camp

Most memorable athletic accomplishment:

  1. I was ejected from a basketball game as a sophomore for getting in a fight with an opponent and then flipping the double-bird to a rude woman in the crowd.
  2. Finishing my first 70.3 and celebrating with friends/family
  3. Third Place Maine Marathon Relay – YEAH TEAM WOLFPACK!
  4. Beating Renee Towne in mini golf

Other hobbies and interests:  Coffee, swearing, historical non-fiction, hiking, camping and spending time with my nieces and nephews.


Dava Davin

Age: 41

Profession: Real Estate Broker/Owner at Portside Real Estate Group, Falmouth, Maine

City/State: Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Years in sport: 4

Goal Races in 2013: Ironman Lake Placid, REV3 Quassy 70.3, Philadelphia Marathon

2013 race/fitness goals: Survive the scary descents at IMLP &to be speedy through the bottle exchanges

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at Disney in 2012

Other hobbies or interests: Mom of two great boys, wife to handsome Jim – love to travel the world with them, eat good food, enjoy art & yoga

Website: www.portisderealestategroup.com


Bill Herbert

Nickname: Magoo

Age: 62

Profession: Surgeon

City/State: Cape Elizabeth, ME

Years in sport: 5

Goal races 2013 : Rev3 Quassy Half, Ironman Lake Placid, Age Group Sprint Triathlon World Championships,London

Race Goals: finish IMLP at a time that is sooner than my usual bedtime

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Most memorable : Crossing the finish line with Denise at 2010 Ironman Lake Placid, perfecting not only peeing on the bike, but peeing on the run during the 2010 Mooseman 70.3

Other hobbies and interests: Constructing, restoring and loving anything that floats; making ridiculous creations in my workshop; serenading my 3 dogs on the guitar; performing carpentry, plumbing and electrical work without a license; lobstering with a license; RV Camper vacations and faithfully watching American Idol



Sandra Laflamme

Nickname: Organic Runner Mom

Age: 36

Profession: Social Media Marketing “Chick” for Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs and Stay-at Home mom to two amazing kids!

City/State: Monroe, NH

Years in the sport: 13 years as an “official runner” (before that I was a completely addicted rower and now the same is true for running.

Goal races in 2013: Boston Marathon (Run and re-qualify for 2015), Pineland Farms Trail 50K, Mount Washington Road Race (if I get an entry), Loon Mountain Race, Cranmore Hill Climb, VT 100 on 100 (Ultra Women’s team-Pete and Gerry’s Organic Chicks),Vulcan’s Fury Trail Race (12 miles, http://www.acidoticracing.com/VulcansFury.html)

2013 race/fitness goals: Kick some a$$, get faster and stronger, race my first 50K, become a faster mountain runner and trail racer.

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the 24 Hours Around the Lake Marathon last summer. It was focused, quiet, and perfect. I was in the “zone.”

Other hobbies and interests: X-Country Skiing, Rowing, Cooking, Playing with my amazing kids, swimming, singing

Website address and/or blog address: http://www.organicrunnermom.com


Jennifer Russell Mahoney

Age: 45 and I was a 2nd grade teacher and have been at home with my kids for the past 14 years.

City/State: I live in Falmouth Maine

Years in sport: I have been doing this for 5 or 6 years

Goal races in 2103: The polar bear sprint, Patriot half and olympic distance at Worlds in London with something in between.

Race goals in 2013: To stay healthy and feel ready for each of my races

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: being inducted into the Athletic Hall of Honor at Bowdoin with my sister.

Other hobbies and interests: my organic vegetable garden and beekeeping.


Andrew Malinowski

Nickname: Andy

Age: 37

Profession: Computer Programmer

City/State: Gardiner, ME

Years in the sport: This will be my 5th year

Goal races in 2013: Rev3 OOB, MDI Marathon

2013 race/fitness goals: Get fast

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Ironman NYC

Other hobbies and interests: Computers, writing funny stuff on my blog occasionally

Optional website address and/or blog address: lostint1.wordpress.com


Eric Malinowski

Nickname: Rock

Age: 37

Profession: Software Engineer

City/State: Waterford, ME

Years in the sport: 3

Goal races in 2013:  Rev3 OOB 70.3

2013 race/fitness goals: 70.3 PR

Most memorable athletic accomplishment:  Ironman US Championships NYC 140.6

Other hobbies and interests: Sports of all kinds.


Dr. Zev Myerowitz Jr.

Nickname:  “Insert creative  interpretation of a name of which Zev might possibly be short for”:  Zevadiah, Zeveroneus, you get the picture.

Age:  29

Profession:  Chiropractor/Acupuncturist/ART Provider

City/State: Cape Elizabeth, ME

Years in the sport: 4

Goal races in 2013: Rev3 Quassy, Ironman Lake Placid, Rev3 Maine, Kona!

2013 race/fitness goals: Kona Qualify, stretch goal of a top-3 amateur at any major half/full.  Defend my titles at our local races :)

Most memorable athletic accomplishment:   Game winning play to win the Maine baseball state title (John Bapst, 2001).

Other hobbies and interests:  Living life with my beautiful soon-to-be wife Amber of course!  I also am always trying new approaches to increasing my own physiology so that in turn I can continue to get my patients back to playing everyday (Love that slogan Doug, royalty checks in the mail)

Optional website address and/or blog address: www.CapeChiroAcu.com


Jim-Kalmar FinishJim Reed

Age: 50

Profession: Helicopter Pilot

City/State: Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Years in the sport: 5+

Goal races in 2014: Cape Argus Cycle Tour (6th), 70.3 somewhere…

2014 race/fitness goals: sub-3:30 Argus. Get in more SCUBA time! Visit my coach in his habitat.

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: Finishing Ironman Western Australia – 2011, 7 months after total rotator-cuff overhaul.

Other hobbies and interests: BBQ / Grilling, sports cars, traveling with my family, SCUBA.


Sarah Russell

Age: 44

Profession: Marketing

City/State: Cumberland, ME

Years in the sport: 3

Goal races in 2013: Patriot & age-group Worlds

2013 race/fitness goals: increase efficiency over last year, exceed current PRs

Most memorable athletic accomplishment: taking on new challenges: loved the college soccer years, the post-college ultimate frisbee years and now the triathlon years. But overall, induction to Bowdoin’s Athletic Hall of Honor with Jen is my most treasured accomplishment.

Other hobbies and interests: skiing, and any outdoor recreation. Girls on the Run, family time, show tunes! and baking.

Optional website address and/or blog address: help ensure confidence in pre-teen girls:  girlsontherunmaine.org

 Renee Towne

Nickname:  Rae

Age:  Thirty-fun (31)

Profession:  Nurse

City/State:  Saco, Maine

Years in the sport:  Five, sorta.

Goal races in 2013:  Ironman Lake Placid, Quassy Half, Polar Bear Tri, Eat more cookies than my husband

2013 race/fitness goals: Finish my first Ironman, PR Polar Bear and improve cycling

Most memorable athletic accomplishment:

  1. 2003 Little East Conference Field Hockey Championship!!!
  2. Earning All-American seven times (in two sports) and still not being able to squat properly
  3. Driving a field hockey ball so hard that it broke an opponent’s stick in half.
  4. Meeting my goal to improve all of my race times in 2012.

Other hobbies and interests: Eating, hiking, kayaking, rollerblading (don’t judge), spending time with my family, building a house with my dad, being annoyingly positive and kind, brewing beer and then drinking it.