photo 3As the ultimate, international, multi-sport event kicked off in Sochi, local riders pushed through Round 4 of Friday Night Fights.  Cyclists re-visited the 6.2 course from Round 1, held 8 weeks prior.  The top 3 male riders on the evening were Eric Follen, Eliot Pitney, and Greg Popp with Dava Davin, Kelsey Abbott, and Erika Cressey rounding out the top female slots.  The night served as an excellent baseline test to evaluate the earliest phases of 2014 training; many riders were able to net considerable gains in time over the initial December trial.  In fun tradition, the Men’s and Women’s Heavyweight Belts made an appearance for distribution to two new series winners… the ’13-’14 Friday Night Fights Series Champions are Eliot Pitney and Dava Davin.  (awarded for highest pts. total in best 3 out of 4 events).  Thank you to all that came out in support of the series and look forward to following all of these riders into the 2014 race season!

February 7th, 2014 6.2 Mile TT Results: