We cannot pinpoint an exact workout or a particular day in which it happened, but somewhere along the way endurance sport changed our lives. We love the outdoors and we love the feeling of using the human body as a vehicle.  We love to push through mental and physical barriers.  Our quest is to share this with others, constantly reset individual limits, and have fun along the way. Based in coastal Maine, The Sustainable Athlete provides one-on-one coaching and advanced athletic services to endurance athletes of all abilities.  We seek to educate, develop skills, and structure training for long-term sport development.  The Sustainable Athlete coaches are all USA Triathlon Certified and posses decades of cumulative coaching and racing experience.


Take a moment to list all the characteristics that true champions possess. “Genetics, work ethic, passion…” Yes, all necessary properties, but there is one word that many miss; “Intuition”. A champion knows when to train, how hard to push, and when to rest by tremendous knowledge of self. For a fortunate few it is innate, but for all others it is a skill that can be developed. The Sustainable Athlete feels that the greatest value in having a coach is facilitating an athlete’s intuition. Ultimately, this consciousness will lead to injury reduction and stronger performance with better training and racing consistency, and create a life with better balance. Our coaches pride themselves on developing an individual training plan that takes into account the stresses and schedule of one’s unique life. The reality is that a seldom few of us are out there training and racing for paychecks; this is our way of life, our love, self-discovery, and necessity for physical and mental health. The Sustainable Athlete looks forward to the journey! To read more about our coaches, click here.