Athlete/Equipment interface is an important component in maximizing gains and efficiency in any sport. This is no more true than with the fit of a bicycle. Cycling is a sport of rhythmic power application; a very precise movement replicated at such a high frequency that millimeters make a significant difference. In triathlon, fit plays an even greater role as a more athletic position is involved. Power production and aerodynamics must be balanced while maximizing the body’s ability to run off the bike. The Sustainable Athlete uses motion capture software to analyze body movement on the bike along with the three connection points of pedal/shoe, saddle and handlebar. Fit changes are monitored with regards to rider comfort, power production, and pedal stroke efficiency. $150


Swim Stroke Analysis: Water is the densest medium a multisport athlete will encounter. Hence, energy expenditure in the swim is completely wasted if an individual lacks technical proficiency, and metabolic cost is high. Without a true visual of one’s own swim stroke, every swim session may be enforcing bad habits.

A Sustainable Athlete coach will meet for a 60-minute pool session to include stroke assessment, applicable drilling, and underwater videography. The coach and athlete will then again meet for a dryland session to include film review. Drill selection and strengthening exercises will be prescribed to enforce the positive components of the stroke while improving any inefficiency. $150


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Run Gait Analysis: Run gait and form is one of the most overlooked technical skills for endurance athletes to develop. Just like swim stroke, mental disconnect and poor form habits can be ingrained when an athlete lacks technical direction. Optimal-form running is of utmost importance due to the repetition of the movement and the weight bearing nature of the sport. Gains in efficiency will open many athletic doors, improving workout consistency and ability to absorb increases in intensity and volume.

The Sustainable Athlete looks first at a runner’s chassis to identify potential areas of structural compromise. An in-depth video gait analysis is completed and reviewed with the individual. Frame-by-frame video dissection allows the coach and athlete to pinpoint focus areas for conserving energy while reducing the risk of injury. A coach will prescribe drills for improving future run training. Follow-up review is available and encouraged for evaluation of longer-term gait development.  $75


Multisport Fit and Biomechanics Analysis: Multisport athletes will benefit most from the synergy of skill development across all three sports. Save money and gain efficiency by combining our bike fit, run gait analysis and swim stroke analysis into one package. This option requires two separate appointments. $300


]Nutritional Counseling: General health, as well as training and competing as an athlete, is a 24 hour decision making process. The workouts truly become a small component of the day; if you train for 2 hours of a day, you are recovering for 22 hours. Therefore, one must place emphasis on, sleeping, eating, and your daily posture/ activities. Nutrition plays a significant role in either enhancing or undermining personal fitness goals… The Sustainable Athlete wants to be sure your choices contribute to the former.

Proper nutrition needs to address the following:

  • Caloric, macro-, and micro- nutrient consumption to support the demands of your current training and racing; periodizing nutrition along with training
  • Modifying current nutrition choices to further improve body composition and sport performance.
  • Differentiate between “nutrition” and “sports nutrition”.
  • Plan and calculate the timing of intake in conjunction with workouts.
  • Identifying the differences between biological, habitual, and emotional hunger/ eating.

Nutrition Consultation:
Nutrition can be one of the most confusing topics to the general public as fad diets abound and today’s “miracle food” is tomorrow’s carcinogen. Let Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, Robin Brown, dispel any nutrition myths and aid in aligning nutrition choices with long-term goals. The hourly consult is a great way to have general questions answered, discuss the importance of meal timing, and/or discuss pre-race and raceday nutrition protocol. Phone time may be arranged in advance by contacting Robin Brown, $75/hour

Nutrition Analysis:
The only way to truly provide insight towards one’s nutrition choices is with accurate and honest feedback on consumption. The Nutrition Analysis begins with a 3-day food log. Each person will be carefully instructed on entering 3 days worth of intake. The data will then be analyzed to determine daily caloric intake and breakdown of macro-(Protein, Carbs, and Fat) and micro-(Vitamins and Minerals) nutrients. You will receive a written analysis combined with recommendations to better support your current training cycle and goals. The analysis will conclude with a 45 min. phone consult to further explain the results and recommendations as well as answer questions. Contact Robin Brown, with questions and for setup. $100

Nutrition Coaching: Cost:
Nutrition coaching utilizes the Nutrition Analysis as a first step and aims to support long-term habitual change in eating habits. Nutrition coaching includes the aforementioned nutrition analysis and then maintains weekly phone and email contact. The nutrition coaching package is ideal for those that truly want to understand nutrition periodization, want to monitor longer-term performance gain, and reinforce new healthy eating habits to last a lifetime. This package also allows our Registered Dietitian to coordinate with your training coach, maximizing changes in metabolic efficiency, recovery, and body composition. The accountability alone puts your daily nutrition choices in the spotlight. Contact Robin Brown, with questions and to sign up for monthly nutrition coaching. $200/month