“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” -Aristotle

We, Team Sustainable Athlete, welcome all individuals to share in the pursuit of lifelong sport(s). Our mission revolves around promoting health and fun through endurance athletics and love for the outdoors. Our simple targets are as follows:

1. Promote and support participation in endurance sports to include; triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, rowing, nordic skiing and adventure sport.
2. Create a strong sense of social belonging and camaraderie with supported group workouts.
3. Enhance the regional multisport community through team volunteer projects, events and sport philanthropy.
4. Have fun – “Play. Every Day”!

Team Sustainable Athlete is a club based out of Portland, ME. Much of our scheduled group training will be regional, but racing support and group adventures will be expansive. To clarify, the team is open to both, coached and non-coached athletes. All sport enthusiasts, all levels and abilities are welcome!

While Team Sustainable Athlete’s mission remains focused on personal and multisport community development additional benefits are as follows:

*Scheduled group workouts — Weekly group training to include run, bike, swim, and “adventure” outings
*Water Bottle and Select Team Schwag.
*Discounts with local vendors/ sponsors
*10% off classes offered by The Sustainable Athlete
*15% off services offered by The Sustainable Athlete
*Monthly group clinics, adventures, and socials (to include swim mechanics, run form, TRX/ Strength Training, Injury prevention, bike maintenance, nutrition)